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Weather Alert

Weather Alert - None
Saturday 1/25 - No cancellations
Sunday 1/26 - No cancellations

Practices and Tournaments

Session 1 - Arrive anytime after 5:30pm
Session 1 - Begins @ 6:00pm - Ends @ 7:15
Session 2 - Arrive anytime after after 5:30pm
Session 2 - Begins @ 7:15pm - Ends @ 8:30

1/20-1/26 - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday
All practices start at the regular scheduled time.

Congrats on an overwhelmingly  positive and successful WinterFest 1 + 2 weekends to all our teams attending down in Hartford CT.

Congratulations To Our Winterfest 1+2 Teams

Our 12U Black team played in their first ever juniors tournament over this past weekend.  Winning 6 sets over the 2 day event, finishing 8th in the 12U bracket.

Our 13U Purple team finished up  the Winterfest 1  weekend winning  6 competitive sets, with a 7th place finish in the Silver division.

Our 13U Black team played up in the 14U Club division @ Winterfest 1 with a winning set record of 7-5 for a 9th place finish in the Silver division.

Our 14U Black team finished up the Winterfest 1 weekend going un-defeated, with a clean 5-0 match record and finishing with a  perfect 10-0 set record. They proudly take home the a very nice piece of 1st place hardware. CONGRATS 14 Black!!

Our 16U Black team finish the Winterfest II weekend in 9th place in the Gold Division compiling a 12-5 set record.  16 Black was stopped by XTreme 16 National in a thrilling 3 set Gold medal match only to end their weekend with a 13-15 lose.

2020 Winterfest 1, Hartford, CT

PERFECT !! HardRock 14 Black - Congratulations !!

14 USA 1st Place Championship HardWare !!

Team 13U Purple with a 3rd Place Finish in Silver !! Congratulations !!

Team 13U Black with a 14U Club with a Silver 9th place finish

Team 13U Black Team Instructions

Team 13U Purple @ Winterfest 1

Team 12U Black 3rd in Silver Bracket

Teams 12's and 13's @ WF1 Pool

Reminder To All

Second Team Payments are Now Due by January 4, 2020

Upcoming December January Practices - Tournaments

1/4 - Saturday Practices Regular Scheduled Times

1/5 - Sunday Practices Regular Schedule Times

1/7 - Tuesday Practices Regular Schedule Times

1/8 - Wed Extra Training Begins 14/15+15/16 @ 6:30

1/8 - Wednesday Practices Regular Schedule Times

1/9 - Thur Extra Training Night 6:30

1/11 - Saturday Teams @ Winterfest 1, Hartford, CT

1/11 - Saturday Practices 10a.m.

1/12 - Sunday Teams @ 
HardRock Winter Chill Tournament, Time Start 10a.m. - End 3p.m.

2019 Ranked as our Best Overall Season in our 29 Year Club History
Below a sampling of a very fun season!

12BLK Gold RIR

16 Red 1st Gold N3

HR 16 Red @ RIR#1

HR16 Gold Celebrating a Great Weekend!!

12BLK Gold N3

HardRock 16 Blue @ RIR#1


3rd GNE Gold

St. Patricks Gym Parking

St. Patricks Parking

***Drive In and Drop Off.
***PARKING-Parents/Players - Please park across the street in the Court House Parking Lot, located on Spring Street.

***Walk between the Church and School to Gym Entrance.

Lloyd  Sheehan

Lloyd Sheehan


Phone: 603-563-8855



These are the 2020 New England Tournament Dates
All team members please mark your 2020 calendars and plan accordingly to insure participation in all of the below tournament dates.

Sunday March 1, 2020
Sunday  March 22, 2020
Sunday April 5, 2020
Sunday April 19, 2020
Sunday May 3, 2020

Changing Positions--

A thoughtful article about embracing change. Thanks, Junior Volleyball Association!