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March 24, 2020 COVID19 Update

Club Directors, 
Hope everyone is well and safe. 
We are planing a NERVA Club Directors, March 30th at 11am. 
Please let me know if you will be able to attend this meeting.
Dave will be going over the most recent USAV announcements. 
I will be talking about future NERVA series tournaments.

All tournament dates in April have been canceled.

We are still running NERVA Series tournaments on May 3rd. 
I have been collecting site and dates that clubs have available in May and June. If you think you can get a site please let me know.
I do understand that anyone using a school or college may not know if their site will be available. 
Please start collecting information from your players, we need to have an idea of how many teams will be playing in May and June. 

Send me a list of how many teams, playing age and level.
Thanks and stay safe, 
Roxann Link
NERVA Jr. Commissioner

March 23, 2020 COVID19 Update

Dear Club Director,
I hope this email finds you safe and staying healthy.
I am writing to you in these unprecedented times to update you on our plans to restart the season as soon as we are allowed and to give you helpful information.
First I want to give you 2 important links to stay up to date on announcements. 
USA Volleyball COVID-19 page:
NERVA COVID-19 page:
Both pages are updated on a regular basis
I have had discussions with USA Volleyball and current thoughts are:
We need to have a season restart and offer events to membership. This both to allow play for our members and to protect clubs from financial disaster if they would need to provide season rebates.
The minimal projected restart would be the CDC current guideline of no gatherings over 50 for 8 weeks (thru 5/10)
We therefore are working on NERVA one day events on the weekends of May 9-10 and/or May 16-17. We will offer additional dates if needed. 
Both RI Rumble events have been cancelled and will be combined into 1 -3 day event on May 23-24-25. Details are still being worked out but clubs previously signed up would have priority in signing up for this event. There is an issue with Providence hotels being previously booked and we are working on that this week.
Things are changing daily and we will continue to plan to get everyone back on the court as soon as it is possible without compromising the health and safety of our members.
Thank You,
Dave Peixoto,
NERVA Commissioner

The COVID-19 Corona-virus


NERVA will follow USA Volleyball guidelines and cancel
all sanctioned events (practices and tournaments) thru March 22, 2020. We will continuously monitor the situation and provide additional updates as warranted.
Message from CEO Jamie Davis

March 11, 2020 Update - 10 p.m. Mountain

Due to recent events and information concerning the
current status of the COVID-19 coronavirus, USA Volleyball is recommending that all USAV-sanctioned events scheduled through March 31 be postponed or cancelled to ensure the welfare and safety of our athletes, spectators and staff.


Update 3/19/2020

HardRock Volleyball will update this page periodically as information becomes available on our facility closures, NERVA and USA Volleyball events.

As of Tuesday 3/17/20 NERVA has proposed these future dates for the Girls NERVA tournaments.
April 5-Cancelled-, April 19 and May 3
NERVA is proposing moving
RI Rumble 1+2 into May
NERVA is proposing moving April 19/May 3 dates into May
Copy this link for UP-TO-DATE Announcements from NERVA
On the above weekends, teams could possibly play on a Saturday or Sunday depending on court availability.




Weather Alert
Sunday 3/---   NERVA Tournaments - Contact Head
Coach in case of Weather Alerts

Tuesday 3/17 - Cancel
Wednesday 3/18 - Cancel
Thursday 3/19 - Cancel - Cancel
Saturday 3/21 -

Sunday 3/22 - Cancel

Practices and Tournaments

Session 1 - Arrive anytime after 5:30pm
Session 1 - Begins @ 6:00pm - Ends @ 7:15
Session 2 - Arrive anytime after after 5:30pm
Session 2 - Begins @ 7:15pm - Ends @ 8:30

3/-16 - 3/22 - Tuesday/Wednesday/
Thursday- Cancelled by NERVA/USAV
Sunday-Cancelled by NERVA/USAV
All practices/tournaments are
Cancelled by NERVA/USAV till further notice.

NERVA 1 March 1st

Congrats HardRock 14 Black on your 1st Place Gold in USA.  Thanks   to all our parents/grandparents/friends for all your support,  helping  make the Boston weekend both fun and very exciting both on and off the court!!

Congrats HardRock 16 Black on your 1st Place Gold in USA.  Much thanks to all our parents for all you do, helping  make the weekend both fun on and off the court!!

Ice Breaker Tournament February 16 All Teams

Congrats on an overwhelmingly  positive and successful WinterFest 1 + 2 weekends for all our teams attending down in Hartford CT.

2020 NERVA Series Team Assignments

NERVA 2 - Sunday March 22nd CANCELLED

HardRock 12 Purple -

HardRock 13 Purple -

HardRock 13 Black -

HardRock 14 Black -

HardRock 15 Purple -

HardRock 16 Red -

HardRock 16 Purple -

HardRock 16 Black -

HardRock 17 Black -


14 Black @ 2020 Boston Volleyball Festival 

Medal Notification

14 Black @ 2020 Boston VB Festival
The 14U Black team finished up the 3-day Boston VB Festival weekend  going un-defeated, with a 9-0  match record and finishing with a 18-2 set record. They proudly take home  a very nice piece of 1st place hardware in the USA division. CONGRATS 14 Black!!

1st USA Boston

14U Black


1st Place USA Boston

14 Black

2020 Boston Volleyball Festival

Congratulations to all our HardRock teams, HardRock 17s, HardRock 16 Purple, HardRock 16 Red, HardRock 15 Purple, HardRock 16 Black, HardRock 14 Black, HardRock 13 Purple, HardRock 13 Black, HardRock 12 Purple,  in competing at the largest volleyball tournament in New England.  All the positive energy,  awesome competition, has once again proved to be a great learning experience for players and families.  We are grateful to all,  for supporting the teams, players, and coaches.
HardRock teams in the top ten in the USA Division:
HardRock 16 Black - 5th
HardRock 14 Black - 1st
HardRock 13 Black - 5th
HardRock 12 Purple - 5th


2020 Boston Volleyball Festival

2020 Boston

@ NERVA 1 our HardRock 12U Purple team took home the 1st place Championship trophy.  Congratulations girls !!

@ NERVA 1 our HardRock 16U Purple team took home the 2nd place Championship trophy.  Congratulations girls !!

@ NERVA 1 our HardRock 13U Purple team took home the 2nd place Championship trophy in 14 B.  Congratulations girls !!

@ NERVA 1 our HardRock 14U Black team took home the 1st place Championship trophy in 15AA.  Congratulations girls !!

@ NERVA 1 our HardRock 13U Black team took home the 2nd place Championship trophy in 14 A.  Congratulations girls !!

NERVA 1 Results March 2nd

16 Black @ 2020 SpikeFest - Providence

16 Black @ 2020 SprikeFest - Providence
The 16U Black team finished up the 3-day SpikeFest weekend in Providence going un-defeated, with a 9-0  match record and finishing with a 18-1 set record. They proudly take home  a very nice piece of 1st place hardware in the USA division. CONGRATS 16 Black!!

1st USA

16U Black


Fireside Chat

16U Black

2020 Winterfest 1, Hartford, CT

PERFECT !! HardRock 14 Black - Congratulations !!

14 USA 1st Place Championship HardWare !!

Team 13U Purple with a 3rd Place Finish in Silver !! Congratulations !!

Congratulations To Our Winterfest 1+2 Teams

Our 12U Black team played in their first ever juniors tournament over this past weekend.  Winning 6 sets over the 2 day event, finishing 8th in the 12U bracket.

Our 13U Purple team finished up  the Winterfest 1  weekend winning  6 competitive sets, with a 7th place finish in the Silver division.

Our 13U Black team played up in the 14U Club division @ Winterfest 1 with a winning set record of 7-5 for a 9th place finish in the Silver division.

Our 14U Black team finished up the Winterfest 1 weekend going un-defeated, with a clean 5-0 match record and finishing with a  perfect 10-0 set record. They proudly take home the a very nice piece of 1st place hardware. CONGRATS 14 Black!!

Our 16U Black team finish the Winterfest II weekend in 9th place in the Gold Division compiling a 12-5 set record.  16 Black was stopped by XTreme 16 National in a thrilling 3 set Gold medal match only to end their weekend with a 13-15 lose.

Team 13U Black with a 14U Club with a Silver 9th place finish

Team 13U Black Team Instructions

Team 13U Purple @ Winterfest 1

Team 12U Black 3rd in Silver Bracket

Teams 12's and 13's @ WF1 Pool

Reminder To All

Second Team Payments are Now Due by January 4, 2020

2019 Ranked as our Best Overall Season in our 29 Year Club History
Below a sampling of a very fun season!

St. Patricks Gym Parking

St. Patricks Parking

***Drive In and Drop Off.
***PARKING-Parents/Players - Please park across the street in the Court House Parking Lot, located on Spring Street.

***Walk between the Church and School to Gym Entrance.

Lloyd  Sheehan

Lloyd Sheehan


Phone: 603-563-8855



These are the 2020 New England Tournament Dates
All team members please mark your 2020 calendars and plan accordingly to insure participation in all of the below tournament dates.

Sunday March 1, 2020
Sunday  March 22, 2020
Sunday April 5, 2020
Sunday April 19, 2020
Sunday May 3, 2020

Changing Positions--

A thoughtful article about embracing change. Thanks, Junior Volleyball Association!